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Senior Phase Courses – S4

In S4, as well as continuing with Core Subjects (PSE and PE), the majority of pupils at Selkirk High School will take courses leading to National Qualifications in English and Maths plus 4 other subjects.

At this point, the opportunities provided in the learner journey also expand to subjects delivered by the Schools Academy at Scottish Borders College. This gives our pupils a broad curriculum offer to select from, leading to a total of 6 qualifications by the end of S4.

Senior Phase Courses – S5

In S5, as well as continuing with Core Subjects (PSE and PE), the majority of pupils at Selkirk HighSchoolwilltakecoursesleading toNational Qualifications in 5 subjects.

These subjects may be selected from the school or College offer and the level at which the subjects are taken should enable the pupil to progress from S4.

Senior Phase Courses – S6

Pupils in S6 are likely to follow a much broader and varied timetable designed around their planned positive destination. As well as Core PSE, S6 pupils study towards achieving 3 qualifications by the end of this year. Again, these qualifications should demonstrate progression.

In addition, all S6 pupils will work towards achieving the SQA Leadership Award at SCQF Level 6. Many pupils will also work towards achieving a Saltire Award through volunteering and some will take part in planned and accredited Work Placement opportunities.

At all stages of transition, pupils are given support in the form of 1:1 interviews with their Guidance Teacher and Careers Adviser as well as information in assemblies/events and on the Course Choice documents available on the school website.

Events for parents also take place to help with support from home.