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Selkirk High School Parent Partnership: SHSPP

Parents, carers and family members are by far the most important influences on children’s lives. Research shows that when parents are involved in their child’s learning, children do better at school and throughout life.

Because parents have such a vital  role to play in their children’s education, the Scottish Parliament has passed a new law called the Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act 2006) – to encourage and support more parents to become involved.

The main aims of the Parental Involvement Act are to:

  • Help parents become more involved with their child’s education and learning.
  • Welcome parents as active participants in the life of the school.
  • Provide easier ways for parents to express their views and wishes.

The Parent Partnership at SHS

The Parent Partnership at SHS is far more than a fund-raising body. It actively seeks to engage parents in all aspects of school improvement. Current areas of activity include:

  • working with the school to develop communication between parents and the school, including the development of the school website and support packs for new parents.
  • the creation of the Parent Engagement Programme which offers a range of workshops including Literacy, Numeracy and Health and Wellbeing (e.g. Raising Teens with Confidence)
  • the development of the Parent Voice to ensure the views of all our parents are understood.
  • Fundraising and support for a range of school events

Message from our SHSPP Chair, Inge Panneels and Co-Chair, Simon McGurk:

That this year has been challenge for both pupils and teaching staff, and parents, is an understatement!

The Selkirk High School Parent Partnership (SHSPP) aims to support parents, teachers and children to support education both within and outside of the school. 

We try and support the school through practical support (fundraising, after- school activities…), representing parents’ views and also by providing support for the teaching staff and pupils where this might be needed (mentoring, feedback to staff,…) and being a gateway to advice and support for parents (by providing access to information, informal networks and parent support).

We currently have four groups which bring different parents together to work with staff on areas of school improvemement such as Health and Wellbeing, Extra Curricular Activities, Fundraising and Curriculum Development. We aim to meet monthly so that parents have a regular touch points if required. Each team is led by different parents to bring the widest possible parent expertise and contributions.

If you need support, have an idea or want to be involved, please join us at the SHSPP or get in touch through the school office or directly through the SHSPP email: We also have an informal Whatsapp group which parents are free to join: just email us and we can add you.

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