Achievement Journey

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We have started an ambitious plan focused on meta-cognition and improving learners’ preparation for future study and employment – a digital Achievement Journey.

The SHS Curriculum offers opportunity for Achievement in 3 key areas: Qualifications, Skills and Values. We also recognise the importance of extra-curricular activities and wider achievement in pupils’ life outside school.

All S1-3 pupils are collecting a range of evidence and reflections using their iPad about their Qualifications, Skills and Values both in and out of school. This includes pieces of work they are proud of, examples of their Values in Action and Skills development. They also have a Future section to record inspiration and to plan and prepare for opportunities.

Throughout the year, pupils will be updating their interactive visual CVs including audio, video, photography and text.  We want pupils to be able to pursue their dreams with confidence and success by being able to articulate their achievements and developments in different formats and to different audiences such as applications and interviews.

S1 Example

We are really keen to also hear about achievements outside of school so that these too can be celebrated with praise postcards and recorded on the students’ Achievement Journey. More information in the attached document

We would love to hear some of your Achievement Journeys too!

For example: What skills do you use in your career? What skills do you use in your hobbies and interests? How have these changed through your life? What advice would you offer pupils that you wished you had or would benefit them now if they followed in your footsteps?