Improvement Plan

Home Improvement Plan

Leading School Improvement 2020-21

1. Raising Attainment and Wider Achievement

  • -Learning and Teaching: Consolidating progress from ‘Satisfactory’ to ‘Good’ through Consistent Pedagogy- Feedback and Technology (with a continued focus on Learning Intentions and Success Criteria)
  • My Journey (Comprehensive Learning Overview): Qualifications, Skills and Values
  • Senior Phase: Every student achieves 5+ Qualifications
  • 5@5 Ambition Target
  • Tracking and Addressing the Covid Gap/Absence incl PEF

2. Developing Employability

  • Developing our Golden Skills and Leadership Pathways incl. accreditation and Partnership working including family learning.
  • Tracking Achievement from S1: Qualifications, Skills and Values

3. Health and Wellbeing

  • A Nurturing Approach
  • Health and Wellbeing- with a focus on mental Health
  • Relentless Routines with a particular focus on closing the loop and phone calls home 

Read the full School Improvement plan below.