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Vision: We are a small school but the world is here! Our vision is for all learners to use technology to access deep thinking consistently across their subjects, develop confidence in our Golden Skills and to apply their learning and skills in unfamiliar and ‘real world’ contexts with confidence and success.

  • DHT lead: Vicki Blair
  • Lead Teacher: Nicola Douglas, Apple Professional Learning Specialist, MIE Expert 20-23 and MIE Trainer

Our teachers and pupils are 1:1 with Apple iPad devices as part of the Inspire Learning programme by Scottish Borders Council. Find out more here: General | Inspire Learning FAQs | Scottish Borders Council (scotborders.gov.uk)

September 2019: Pupil Deployment

Deployment week was brilliant! In year groups, pupils set up their own iPad out of the box by following along a video made for them with the support from the SBC Inspire Learning Team (in purple). It was amazing to see them so excited and engaged in learning about their iPad straightaway.

September 2019: Getting started!

Immediately, walking into classrooms was a whole new experience – no matter where you went teachers were trying things out with the pupils. Staff and pupils were learning together and making the devices a valued part of lessons from the start. The success of the 1:1 programme has been the staff enthusiasm for getting ‘stuck in’ from the very first week!

2019-2020 : Introducing and embedding

In our first year we focused on becoming familiar with the iPad devices and using them across the school in meaningful ways.

2020-21: Feedback and enhancing the curriculum

Apple technology means that our feedback and metacognition focus this year has resulted in consistently rich experiences involving immediate, relevant and detailed feedback using audio, video and interactive activities and quizzes.

We have started an ambitious plan focused on metacognition and improving learners’ preparation for future study and employment – a digital Achievement Journey.

Many subjects are now paper free and use the technology to make lessons collaborative, relevant, media rich and interactive. We have expanded digital curricular opportunities including Coding, Digital Enterprise and Cyber Security and whole school assemblies, pupil assemblies, transition projects as well as our very rich homelearning offer are accessible digitally.

An example of whole class feedback including video

2021-22: Apple Distinguished School

We are delighted that the school year started with some excellent news: Selkirk High School has been selected as an Apple Distinguished School for 2021-24!

Read our story here: Apple Distinguished School | Selkirk High School

The following images from Education – Schools – Apple Distinguished Schools – Apple (UK) show what this recognition means.

2021-22 Continued with more excellent news – we achieved the prestigious Digital Schools Award! We are delighted to have this alongside our Apple award recognising the digital environment at Selkirk High School where we embrace and embed technology to enhance teaching and learning and develop our Golden Skills and Values.

Click on the link to find out more about Digital Schools.

Digital Schools Awards Scotland

Throughout the year we have continued our focus on Feedback in classes. Each member of staff has a rich impact story of how they have improved feedback and used digital technology to do so.

Our digital pathway for learners is taking greater shape and we are proud of the range of opportunities available to learners.

We were delighted to be part of an Apple Case Study in May 2022!