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As part of the Developing Scotland’s Young Workforce at Selkirk High School we are working to ensure that we equip our students with the key skills they need for learning, life, and work.

All students experience our Golden Skills Employability Courses in S1 and S2. These focus on the Golden Skills of Communication, Teamwork, Problem Solving, Creativity and Positive Attitude which were identified in partnership with local businesses. Progress is available in S3 and beyond through a range of employability courses. Throughout their time at SHS, students develop their Golden Skills through their wider achievement, extra curricular life and Leadership as well as through a range of opportunities with partners including Youth Philanthropy Initiative, Stable Life, Rotary Club, Selkirk Community Shedders, Rowlands, a range of local employers and many more.

Our role in developing the young workforce is about ensuring a wide range of work-related learning within our curriculum with increased high quality vocational pathways in the Senior Phase. To support this we shape our curricular experience to ensure there is an emphasis on relevant skills development through the Broad General Education with a mixture of courses and qualifications available to Senior Phase students. This includes vocational based courses and awards our staff deliver as well as partnership opportunities available through training providers, further and higher education institutions.

Our Vision

To be a leading example of a Secondary School working with partners to deliver high quality work-related experiences for its pupils.

  • Quality work-related experiences for every student embedded in the BGE curriculum.
  • Students, teachers and parents/carers fully educated and engaged in DYW opportunities.
  • Timetabled work-placement opportunity for every Senior Phase student.
  • Effective, sustainable and mutually beneficial community partnerships.
  • Sustained positive destinations for all pupils.

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