News, Updates and Achievement

Celebrating Success at Selkirk High School

Praise Postcards: these are awarded every week by teachers to students who have been at their best. They are awarded on Fridays by Mr Bryson, Miss Blair or Mrs Thomson.

VIA (Values In Action) Friday: every Friday, students who have made an outstanding contribution to the school community meet with Mr Bryson and Senior Management to discuss their achievements over a cup of hot chocolate. 

VIA Awards are also presented by the Student Head Team at their Christmas and Easter Assemblies.

Prize Giving and Merit Awards: every year, the achievements of our students are recognised at our annual Prize Giving event and Merit Award ceremonies.

School News: every week, the achievements of students are celebrated in the Border Telegraph. This is scanned and sent to parents by Groupcall.

Newsletters: Mr Bryson provides a newsletter with Plans and Progress updates several times a year. This shares exciting developments and celebrates the achievements of students.

School News