Home Leadership

Selkirk High school is committed to providing student leadership opportunities to all students. These leadership opportunities will support the work of the school and wider community whilst enabling students to build confidence, raise aspirations and recognise their unique talents.

Leadership opportunities will develop students’ Golden Skills and allow students to put our school values of Respect, Responsibilities, Resilience and Relationships into action. They also support a positive partnership between students and staff.

Leadership opportunities will have a positive impact on one or more of the following:

  • Development of our Values and Golden Skills
  • The ethos of Selkirk High School
  • Learning and Teaching in Selkirk High School
  • The Health & Wellbeing of staff and students
  • Fostering positive links with the local and wider community

The Informal Leadership Culture: Values In Action

In Selkirk high School we believe that the most important leadership opportunities are available informally to staff and students each and every day. What can each member of the school community do to make Selkirk High School a more enjoyable and pleasant place to be? Is there something that you can do to help the school environment? Can you make life in Selkirk High School more enjoyable for an individual or group?Examples of our informal leadership culture would be:

  • ●  Picking up litter and putting it in the appropriate recycling bin – even if you haven’t dropped it!
  • Making sure the spaces you and your friends use are tidy when you leave them
  • Doing the right thing rather than the popular thing
  • Helping someone if they are upset or unhappy – even if they are not your friend
  • Showing a visitor to the school where to go when asked for directions
  • Being polite, thoughtful and respectful at all times to all members of the school community

Formal Leadership Opportunities

Students will also have the opportunity to be involved in formal school leadership opportunities throughout their time at Selkirk High School. These will include:

  • Student Head Team and Prefects in S6
  • House Reps/captains
  • Student Council representatives
  • Sports team captains/extra-curricular leadership roles
  • Faculty Ambassadors
  • Mentors in Violence prevention in S5
  • VIA Heroes Support Mentors in S3/4
  • Charities work/committees
  • All S6 pupils are expected to achieve SCQF Leadership Award